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Making a donation to your local Civil Air Patrol is one way to contribute to the local community and the advancement of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education. Our program is an American tradition which promotes knowledge, discipline, and the pursuit of self-improvement.

The core CAP values of Integrity, Volunteer Service, Excellence, and Respect are taught as the cornerstone of a cadet’s world view. This includes values during weekly meetings, as well as in the real world. It is every CAP member’s responsibility to demonstrate the core values as a part of day to day life.

CAP cadets learn to lead by practicing in a true-to-life environment. Weekly meetings in Air Force Combat Uniform (ABU) and Dress Blue uniforms provide opportunities to demonstrate fundamental life skills. This includes:

  • Attention to detail
  • Following directions
  • Self-discipline
  • Leadership by demonstration

Civil Air Patrol Youth Leadership Training

There are so many youth programs available in the locally, statewide, and nationally, that making a choice can be difficult. No other program offers the kind of opportunities that the Civil Air Patrol provides.

Given the history of CAP, leadership training is a natural part of the program. These young civilian soldiers are ingrained with a resolve to take initiative, demonstrate motivation, and make choices to better their team, and individual, environments.

Leadership doesn’t just mean telling people what to do, at CAP. It means taking responsibility for those under your command and preparing them to take your place when the time comes.

Seeing what takes place at one meeting is enough to understand the standards that we uphold. Nothing empowers the young minds of teenagers like providing expectations similar to that of adults.

Cadets take pride in leadership, and they lead with confidence to motivate their peers to excellence.

Challenging Youth to Pursue Fitness Excellence

  • Providing health and fitness education means encouraging our future generations to live healthier. We don’t just tell cadets that it’s important to be fit. We take it a step further and integrate fitness into our standards of excellence.

It’s one thing to tell young people to eat right and workout. Testing their physical capabilities, pushing them to improve, and providing classroom teaching on nutrition, wellness, and healthy living give them the tools to make it happen.

The CAP Cadet Physical Fitness Test (CPFT) provides a baseline for new youth in the program. Every month, the squadron is tested in order to track fitness, provide opportunities for goal setting and achievement, and encourage regular exercise. The CPFT consists of the following activities:

  • The PACER One-mile run – testing aerobic capacity
  • Curl-ups – measuring abdominal strength and endurance
  • Push-ups – measuring upper-body strength and endurance
  • The Sit-and-reach – measuring flexibility


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